Back to Zero™: a path to wellness and wholeness

I have always been a seeker - while studying in acting conservatory and pursuing interests in theatre, the martial arts, yoga, and bodywork, I came to recognize that the principles of eastern philosophy and enlightenment were directly and concretely engaged in by those training in the performing arts.  Based on many years of study and practice in the performing arts and physical disciplines such as yoga and the maritial arts  –  not to mention a continuing bumpy road towards my own health and wholeness  –  I have come up with a practical, and I hope, de-mystified lay persons guide towards an ‘enlightened lifestyle’ for health and well being.  For many reasons, I call it Back to Zero™

To simplify, a Back to Zero™ lifestyle can be divided into 3 related and (of course) interconnected practices:

  1. A physical discipline
  2. A meditative or spiritual practice
  3. Dietary practices

All are engaged in with the primary intention of reconnecting with one’s own original nature (Back to Zero) and reclaiming that connection with one’s best self. 


Back to Zero will be featured in more depth in unfolding blog entries, on this website, and in my coming book.